Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blogger Stats

I have no idea what happened since the beginning of the year. My numbers went from 20 to 50 a day with 100 or so being reached with a little work to 400 and 500 with no work. My itemized statistics also did not link you with these enlarged numbers and than on the 19th of May it came back down.

Now why am I not complaining about the depressed stats, well the higher numbers were not real. Oh and they were coming from Russia. I wonder if I will now be called before the US Senate Intelligence Committee?


  1. I experienced a similar blip in my stats during this same period. This time, much from Russia as well. For me, these increases tend to correlate with current news events. The first such blip I noticed was following the Charlie Hebdo attack in JAN2015. I stand ready to testify...