Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It has been a wonderful weekend.

I am thinking I need to declare today as a bank holiday as I have been very productive this weekend in the gaming (and work) realms.

Friday I enjoyed both a nice lunch with Mark Kinsey and finding a new game store not that far from me. Dragonhead Distributors is near Allentown PA and is a full service game shop. As I did not bring any of my “wish lists” it did not slow down finding something to buy. While I do not play Flames of War, it does not stop me from wanting their 15mm miniatures. At this shop I picked up the Brummbär and Hetzer for TOOFATLardies new rules Chain of Command (which is now available to pre-order at their site).

Saturday was a workday (work that pays the bills) with some work on 88mm flak gun and two 7.62 cm Pak 36(r) for “Highway to Hell” also a TOOFATLardies game based on their 2013 Summer Special.

Sunday was spent fighting in the Shenandoah in 1862 against my good friend Tim Tynan. The game is “Stonewall in the Valley” (why is it now called “Banks in the Valley”? by GCACW. While the game is only on turn 16 (of 103 I think) my Federals have cleared the northern map and General Fremont is on his way.  More on my strategy latter.

And today while I did work, I was able to work on the Brummbär and Hetzer as well as the two PAK36(r)s. The Postman was nice and brought the support weapons I needed for Hells Highway and I also based up my newly arrived French WWI infantry painted by Evil Bob.

Like I said a very productive weekend.

How I see my Brummbär