Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Imperial Skies as an RPG

These would come in handy on Mars, but unfortunately
the heavy units are needed on Earth.

Figures from Brigade Models

It has always been my intention to treat Imperial Skies as more of an RPG than a strict tabletop wargame. With that said I needed to set up the factions. For me the game had to be played from the perspective of the British Empire in a very Space 1889 fashion. With that in mind I needed to look to the political, economic and military situation on Mars (as well as Earth and Venus).

For the Empire there were certain concerns that needed to be met by the small Royal Navy force on Mars. In no particular order these are:

Keep piracy in check and keep the lanes open for free (British) trade.
Great Game
Concerns with the Russian Empire.
Spice Trade
Trying to maintain the monopoly. See trade missions.
Need to protect the Christian faith on the planet.
Trade Missions
Potential conflict with the Americans.
Issues with the French Republic and the German Empire
As with piracy, slavers need to be kept in check. Concern with Brazilian and Belgium interests in the form of trade.

With this done I will be looking to finish writing up the linked campaign, This will be heavy on conflict with the French and Russians as that is how the game is played, but Martians, Germans and Americans will appear as well as dashing pirates and slavers.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Roads Under Construction

Round About - Figures to show scale.
There are some things that gamers can never get enough of. Rules, history books and terrain come to mind immediately. For me I have been looking for better roads than the ones I have been using for the past 15 years (oh my). The roads I bought back than were latex roads from JR Miniatures. These worked great for Poland and farm country as well as Arabia and East Africa, but not so well for towns and cities in Europe.

Recently I found I was not the only one looking for roads as fellow bloggers were on the path to find a better solution. I think I may have found a solution from Gaming Models. Craig has recently released 15mm and 20mm cobblestone roads and they are just what the doctor ordered. I received the 20mm roads and they look perfect with my 15mm forces. My vehicles can even pass on them. More updates on the full set once I get every thing together.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Update - 9 Oct 2016

At least the high command is ready.
Kraków Army
This blog post is very much a good news bad news sort of post. First the good news, Imperial Skies is looking like a great game and I hope to have the rest of my figures based and painted, once I get my order of bit and bobs from CorSec Engineering.

French Fleet based on Mars is looking good and the Royal Navy and merchants are on deck so a game will be happening real soon. Also have a few Germans and Americans. Waiting on the dreaded Russians from Tony. Working on a short introduction scenario for this weekend so I can at least start moving ships around.

Now the bad news, my Case White - 1939 Invasion of Poland, in 15mm, is on hold as I need more infantry. Have almost a platoon from the 10th Mechanized Brigade but I am in need of support and regular infantry as well. Some cavalry would be nice too. Also need to hear back about ordering samples from Outpost. Oh bother.

More soon.