Sea Lion Reading List

Wanted to share with you my reading list for this project. It will grow as there are a number of titles I am reading grow.

Historical Fiction
  • Invasion: The German Invasion of England, July 1940 by Kenneth Macksey 1980
  • Sea Lion by Richard Cox 1977
  • Seelöwe Nord by Andy Johnson 2010 


  • Operation Sea Lion by Peter Fleming 1957
  • Hitler's Pre-Emptive War: The Battle for Norway, 1940 by Henrik Lunde 2009
  • Hitler's Armada: The Royal Navy and the Defence of Great Britain, April - October 1940 by Geoff Hewitt 2008
  • The Home Guard: A Military And Political History S.P. Mackenzie 1995
  • Ultra goes to war by Ronald Lewin 1978
  • The Ultra Secret by F. W. Winterbotham 1975
  • When Britain Saved the West: The Story of 1940 by Robin Prior 2015
  • If War Should Come: Defence Preparations on the South Coast, 1935-1939 by Philip MacDougall 2013
  • British Home Defences 1940–45 by Bernard Lowry 2004
  • The British Home Front 1939–45 by Martin Brayley 2005  
  • Britain Alone: June 1940-June1941 by H. Agar 1972
  • Secret Sussex Resistance: 1940-1944 by Stewart Angell 1996
  • When Village Bells were Silent by F. Archer 1975
  • Dad’s Army against the Panzers by E.W. Ashworth 1998
  • The Amateur Military Tradition 1558-1945 by Ian F. W. Beckett 1991
  • Britain’s Home Guard: A Character Study by John Brophy 1945
  • Home Guard: A Handbook for the L.D.V. 6th impression. by John Brophy 1941
  • Advanced Training for the Home Guard, with Ten Specimen Field Exercises. by John Brophy 1941
  • A Home Guard Handbook. Revised ed., second impression. by John Brophy 1942
  • 1940-44, Being a Diary of “D” Company 20th Bn. Kent H.G. by GL Brown and AW Peek 1944
  • “We Also Served” – The Story of the Home Guard in Cambridgeshire and the Isle of by Ely. Cambs. and Isle of Ely TAA – The Cambridgeshire and Isle of Ely Territorial Army Association. 1944
  • A Collectors Guide to Winchester in the Service by Bruce Canfield 1991
  • The Home Guard by David Carrol 1999
  • The Second World War: Volume One: The Gathering Storm, 8th impression. by Winston Churchill 1954
  • The Second World War: Volume Two: Their Finest Hour, 8th impression. by Winston Churchill 1955
  • The Second World War: Volume Four: The Hinge of Fate, 8th impression. by Winston Churchill 1954
  • Field Marshall Lord Alanbrooke. War Diaries 1939- 1945 by A Danchev and D Todman 2001
  • British Army Handbook 1939-1945 by George Forty 1998
  • Raising Churchill’s Army: The British Army and the War against Germany 1919-1945 by David French 2000
  • Desperate Measures: The Smith Gun by T Gander 2005 Journal of the Ordnance Society, Vol. 17, July 2005, p.60.
  • Kent Home Guard: A History. by KR Gulvin 1980
  • Some were Spies by The Earl Jowitt 1954
  • Dokumente zum Unternehmen,,Seelöwe”: Die geplante deutsche Landung in England 1940 by Karl Klee 1959
  • The Guns of Dagenham. by P Laidler and D Howroyd 1995 
  • The Last Ditch by David Lampe and Gary Sheffield 2007
  • Home Guard Warfare by John Langdon-Davies 1941
  • The Home Guard Fieldcraft Manual. 2nd ed by Major John Langdon-Davies 1942
  • The Home Guard Training Manual. Facsimile reprint of 6th edition, 1942 by Major John Langdon-Davies 1942
  • The Real Dad’s Army: The Story of the Home Guard by Norman Longmate 1974
  • Vehicles of the Home Guard by Martin F Mace 2001
  • Grenades, EY Rifle and Cup Discharger, for the Home Guard by Lt EW Manders
  • Between Silk and Cynanide: A Codemaker’s War 1941-1945. Corrected paperback edition. by Leo Marks 2000
  • Auxiliary Units: History and Achievement 1940-1944. Reprint of 1944 War Office report. Major NV Oxenden 1998
  • 1940: Myth and Reality. by Clive Ponting 1990
  • Invasion 1940, 2nd edition. by Derek Robinson 2006
  • Invasion 1940, 2nd ed. St Ermin’s Press with Little, SS General Walter Schellenberg and John Erickson
  • Sealion – the invasion that never was by P Schenk 1990
  • Defence Against Invasion: The Suffolk Coastline, Aldeburgh to Walberswick, 1939-4. MA dissertation, University of East Anglia by D Sims 2008

Period Mysteries

  • N or M by Agatha Christie 1941
  • Traitor's Purse 

  • Season One Foyle's War

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