Sunday, February 20, 2011

Latest Additions to the Eqyptian and IDF Forces

This past week has been very productive on the painting font. Unfortunately less so on the blogging side of life.

I was able to finish up my Israelis for Operation Raviv. These troops are a mixture of Peter Pig Range 17 armed with AK47s and QRF’s Israeli Command armed with Uzis.

They are done by the flowing steps.
  • Prime Black
  • Base dry brush of Yellow Olive (892) or Olive Grey (888)
  • Dry Brush Medium Grey (987)
  • I than did the kit and weapons in various shades.

Egyptian Infantry also made an appearance. These troops will be used for the War of Attrition. I will show the base troops in caps and the mechanized infantry in Soviet style helmets.

They are done by the flowing steps.
  • Prime Black
  • Base Dry Brush of Pale Sand (837)
  • Wash of Citadel Devlan Mud
  • Skin Medium Flesh tone (860)
  • Kit is done in Formula P3 Gun Corps Brown.

I look forward to getting them on the table and into battle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Egyptian Troops and ISU-152s

I have been asked when will my Egyptians be ready. They are on the bench right behind the Raviv IDF troops. Hope to get these IDF troops done by early next week.

The Egyptian will be a mix of Quality Castings and Peter Pig (Harden Militia).

To show that the Egyptian forces are moving forward (not a great term to use today) I have included images of my ISU-152 ready for the War of Attrition and the October War.

Thursday, February 10, 2011


For the last week the name of Field Marshall Mohamed Hussein Tantawi Soliman has been coming up as a possible candidate for the Egyptian Presidence. As it is almost 8 o'clock in the evening in Cairo and President Mubarik has not addressed his people one wonders who will be the head of the government in the morning. Field Marshall Tantawi, veterian of the 1973 Yom Kippur War as well as the1991 Gulf War or the current Vice President Omar Suleman Chief of Egyptian General Intelligence Service and also a veteran of the 1973 conflict.

Field Marshall Tantawi is well known by the US military and may be the Egyptian Army's candidate. This is a man that the world may be hearing more about.

South of Sidon by Macaulay Connor

7 June 1982
South of Sidon
by Macaulay Connor

Today this reporter came upon the results of a recent and bloody Israeli sweep south on Sidon. At least three IDF soldiers were killed in an ambush.

On this the second day of the Israeli Operation Peace for Galilee Israeli infantry were sweeping north through an orange grove near this unnamed market town. While there were reports of Fatah militia in the area, numbers were unknown.

Two roads bordered the grove and heads north towards the market. The IDF appears to have been following these parallel roads when an ambush occurred causing the loss of three soldiers who were on an M113.

While we cannot approach the village at this time I can say we can hear heavy weapons coming from the village itself.

While the IDF is limiting their comments on this engagement, this reported was able to find out from resident that Fatah did take some losses.

After Action Report
It has been to long since Mark and I play IABSM and it showed. We missed adding in a few of the IDF cards and took a couple of actions before we got back our sea legs.

Unfortunately this effected Mark’s IDF more than me. He ended up get a M113 to far in front of the column and was hit by RPG7s. Between this and AK47 fire the M113 came out the worse for ware.

Once Mark was able to get his two infantry sections on the table he was able to clean out the militias with limited loses. His superior Big Men allowed the IDF to move faster than my running Fatah troops.

The game came to an end when the IDF was able to get to the village and than faced a HMG. Over all I (as the PLO player) feel that the PLO won as we destroyed (ok immobilized) an M113 and killed 4 IDF soldiers, three of which were in the M113. The PLO lost only 12 men (out of 18 active men).

This was fun and I look forward to have a go with my new village. Mark and I both have the ability to have villages set up at our respective houses, which will make gaming easier. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

TOOFATLardies - Scenario Competition

Every dedicated gamer also appears to be a rules designer want-to-be. I add myself to this as I have designed many scenarios, house rules, and stand alone rules with varying degrees of success. This has not kept me from continuing as I have many projects underway. Most of these will deal with the conflict in the Middle East.

I was very please to see this posting from Richard Clarke over at TOOFATLardies about a scenario competition that I hope many of you will take part. This is a nice little nudge to get gamers to put their ideas into print and share them with players across the world.

Good Luck

The TooFatLardies scenario competition is to run from now until the end of March at which point it will be judged by a panel of wargaming glitterati (i.e. not me!). My plan is to produce a free download from this that can provide some fun games for new and old Lardies alike. Any rule set can be covered (indeed in an ideal world I'd like to see ALL of our rule sets covered). I am very happy to announce that the prize for the best scenario will be a years subscription to Battlegames and anyone who gets their scenario published will get a mystery prize as well (it's a mystery because I haven't yet thought about what it will be, but suffice to say that I am not known for parsimony when it comes to prizes).

All submissions should be in the usual Lard format, as follows:

1. A paragraph or two of scene-setting background detail.

2. Briefings and forces for both sides
3. A map of the table (any format you like, I will redraw this for publication).
4. A set of umpires notes with info about the terrain, starting positions, victory conditions and anything else we need to know.

Ideally this will be in a Word document as I need to circulate the entries to the panel of judges.

100th Post

With this being my 100th posting I would like thank you all for visiting my blog. I have had over 13,000 page views from 72 different countries. This is better than I could have ever hoped for.

I would like to thank my friends like Mark Kinsey for his support. He has helped me to acquire new buildings, terrain and miniatures in a new scale. Something I said I was not going to do. Thank you Mark.

I want to also thank Richard Clarke and Chris Stoesen over at the TOOFALardies for their input on the rules and the period.

So as the year continues I look forward to doing more with Lebanon 1982, and The War of Attrition. Operation Raviv and Green Island are both coming along nicely and I look forward to playing them and reporting back to you about the results.

Once again thank you all.

Friday, February 4, 2011


Well we are now into February and that means to me Cold Wars is around the corner. This week Mark and I will put the finishing touches on our two games. By the end of the weekend I hope to be able to add to my Syrians with two new platoons, one of T55s and a second with T62s.

My Arab forces have also added to their air defenses with two ZPU-4s. Why do I need two? I don’t know, I think I forgot and than ordered the second.  There is a big difference between the QRF and Peter Pig anti-aircraft guns. While I consider the Peter Pig weapon a miniature, the gun from QRF was a real model with more pieces that I knew what to do with. I even end up with a spare piece that I think was the towing bar. I am not sure with is the correct scale as the Peter Pig Figure is smaller if I do need a third I will problem go with the Peter Pig miniature, it was easy to put together.

Now were are Marks A-4s :)

ZPU-4 from Peter Pig near the mosque.

ZPU-4 from QRF.