Wednesday, May 4, 2011

MicroMark Releases

I just saw this from Mark and think these will be of interest for those following my blog.

Mark Bevis, 
173 Accrington Road, Burnley, Lancs, BB11 5AL
tel 01282 702644

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AIR59A: Arab Air Forces, October 1973, Yom Kippur War (replaces List AIR59)
AIR64: Algerian Air Force, 1962-1988, Algeria
AF76M: Ethiopian Infantry Division, 1975-1979, Ethiopia
AF77M: Ethiopian 10th Mechanised Brigade, 1975-1977, Ethiopia
AF78M: Ethiopian 92nd Mechanised Brigade, 1977, Ethiopia
AF79M: Ethiopian Militia Division, 1977-1980, Ethiopia
AF80M: Ethiopian Independent Mechanised Brigade, Army Support, 1978, Ogaden
AF81M: Somali Motorised Brigade, 1974-1978, Somalia, Ogaden
AF82M: Somali Infantry Brigade & Corps Support, 1975-1979, Somalia, Ogaden
AF83M: West Somali Liberation Front, 1976-1978, Ogaden
AF84M: Somali 2nd Tank Brigade, 1974-1978, Somalia, Ogaden
AR17M: Algerian Armoured Brigade, October-November 1973, Egypt
B52MA: British Infantry Brigade, 1964-1972, all theatres (replaces List B52M)
B77MB: British 24th Infantry Brigade, July-September 1961, Kuwait, Operation Vantage(replaces Lists B77M and B77MA)
E13MA: Egyptian Corps and Army Support, 1973-1974, Egypt (replaces List E13M)
GK16M: Greek Cypriot National Guard, 1966-1974, Cyprus
GK17M: Greek Cypriot National Guard Corps Support, 1966-1974, Cyprus
K4M: Kuwaiti 35th Armoured Brigade, 1987-1990, Kuwait
K5M: Kuwaiti 6th Mechanised Brigade, 1987-1990, Kuwait
K6M: Kuwaiti 15th reserve Mechanised Brigade, 1987-1990, Kuwait
K7M: Kuwaiti 80th Infantry Brigade and Corps support, 1987-1990,Kuwait
K8M: Kuwaiti Army, 1954-1962, Kuwait
K9M: Kuwaiti 6th Mechanised Brigade, 1962-1969, Kuwait
K10M: Kuwaiti 35th Armoured Brigade, 1963-1970, Kuwait
K11M: Kuwaiti 15th Mechanised Brigade, 1962-1970, Kuwait
K12M: Al-Jahra Kuwaiti Brigade Group, October 1973-September 1974, Syria supersedes information on List SY9M)
LA65M: Cuban Mechanised Force, 1978, Ogaden
SU6MA: Saudi Arabian 20th Mechanised Group, October 1973, syria/Jordan
(replaces List SU6M)
SY9MA: Syrian Infantry Brigade & Corps Support, 1971-1975, Syria (replaces SY9M)
T24M: Turkish Order of Battle, July-August 1974, Invasion of Cyprus
T25M: Turkish Airborne Brigade, 1970-1980, all theatres
T26M: Turkish Commando Brigade, 1970-1980, all theatres
T27M: Turkish Special Strike Force Landing Brigade, July 1974, Cyprus
T28M: Turkish 39th Infantry Division, July-August 1974, Cyprus
T29M: Turkish 28th Infantry Division, July-August 1974, Cyprus
T30M: Turkish 5th Armoured Brigade, July-August 1974, Cyprus
T31M: Turkish Cypriot forces, 1966-1974, Cyprus


AR18M: Yemeni Armoured Brigade, 1996-2005, Yemen
AR19M: Yemeni Mechanised Brigade, 1996-2005, Yemen
AR20M: Yemeni Infantry Brigade & Army Support, 1996-2005, Yemen


NAV14: Algerian Navy, 1980-1989