Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Favorite Books

There are a select few books that are in my library the I do not want to live without and yesterday in a used book shop in York PA I found this, a copy of Peter Fleming's Operation Sea Lion. My original purchase of this is what got me to start my studies of this what-if campaign. The connection to James Bond and that this was a book written before the release of the British knowledge from signal intelligence only came latter. I was young.

My initial copy was found in a used book shop in Ferndale California back in 1986. My new copy was bought for the sole purpose of it having an intact book jacket. Yes I do love this book that much.

Do you have similar books you love?


  1. Of course I have books to which I would not part. Too many I think...

    1. And than there are the books we buy, and may sell or donate, and than re-buy and the process continues.

    2. How about the books in which we have multiple copies?

  2. I try not to bring that point up. Some spouses see no differences between tank types