Thursday, November 3, 2016

Imperial Skies - Gaulois Class Dreadnought

The Gaulois waiting to be built and based.
Seeing the Gaulois class dreadnought (or should it be battleship) was what clinched it for me to return to the world of Space 1889 and AeroNef through the Kickstarter for Imperial Skies. This is a model that calls out for anyone that loves the pre-dreadnought period of the wet navies.

Now the real Battleship Gaulois did have a lively career in the Mediterranean, ending with her being sunk on 27 December 1916, by UB-47. Now I am sure my Gaulois will also will have a similar exciting career.

I said battleship or more appropriate a pre-dreadnought as the Gaulois looks like an armed ship for this period. It also works for my campaign world that is based in 1889 and not the world or dreadnoughts in 1919, but that is my take on the models that I use.

Based and painted
from the Brigade Models website.


  1. That is a cool looking ship! Reminds me of a cross between the USS Texas and Pelayo.

  2. She would make a nice, but expensive Pelayo conversion. Change the main turrets to British barbettes.