Sunday, November 20, 2016

View form the Yards

Waiting on their conversion
It has been reported to our offices that two of the navies taking part in the building boom have sent two of their ships back to the yards for modifications. This is of significant interest to both our offices and those of the Royal Navy as one of our correspondents has reported.

The French battleship Gaulois has returned to the Arsenal de Brest to have work done on her machinery spaces and have a new forward funnel added. While in the yard she is being inspected by the Armada Española as a possible design for the upcoming Spanish battleship Pelayo. There is much talk in Madrid circles that Spain will go with this design. This becomes a concern for other Mediterranean navies.

Models from Brigade Models
The Ottoman cruiser Turgut Reis has also returned to the yards to receive an upgrade in her main armament. Vickers is installing British heavy barbettes in place of her existing turrets. While this will take her from four main guns down to two, they will offer greater firepower and range. This change puts the Turgut Reis on par with existing Russian and Austro-Hungarian armoured cruisers. This change is also thought to be the beginning of closer ties between the Ottomans and the Royal Navy.

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