Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Good Bye 2016

I am so glad that the year is coming to an end. Business, family losses and career changes have made this a trying year. And the politics have stressed friendships on both sides of the political spectrum. I have even found distant friendships rekindled by Social Media have been strained.

So how will I handle the end of 2016 and the coming of 2017. For one, I am swearing off of politics, and as a student of history, this will be hard. As for hobbies, I will try to read good books, write, dine with friends and continue to embrace my passion for wargaming and helping others find out about it.

So I will try to limit my 2017 projects to these three areas and no other until they are all done. And the list...

Imperial Skies
This will require only the purchase of a few ships, but a boat load of bases from CoreSec Engineering 

Early War 1939 Poland and 1940 Sealion
This requires the purchase of some tanks (all three nations) and some Polish and German infantry.

Battles around Caen 1944
This also requires the purchase of some vehicles. The only infantry I may need will come from the 1939/40 German infantry. We always do need more rifleman.

Now this does mean I will be busy painting and it will help me with my 2017 painting contest.

As for staying on target, I count on my friends to keep me honest.


  1. I wish you success and serenity in 2017 and look forward to seeing your projects unfold as the year progresses.

    1. It will be hard, already tempted by 1973 AIW