Saturday, November 19, 2016

Brassey’s 1889 Naval Annual Mars Fleets

Mars Colonial Fleets
Brassey’s 1889 Naval Annual

Royal Navy on Mars
One Colonial Cruisers 

     HMS-A Newfoundland
Three Monitors

     HMS-A Raglan
     HMS-A Brown
     HMS-A Lucan

Eight Patrol Vessels
Two Dispatch Vessels

French Martian Fleet
One Flag Cruiser
Two Raiders
One Monitor
Eight Patrol Vessels
Image from Brigade Models

Russian Fleet
This reporter has found little official evidence of a Russian fleet on Mars. Currently the

Ministry of Commerce of Imperial Russia states that there is no official military presence on the planet. The Russian-Mars Company only leases ships for trade and exploration. 

The reports of a
Dobrovolets class destroyer have not been confirmed by our reporters.

German Fleet
One Dig Battleship
     SMS Hannover
Brandenburg class Dig Destroyer 

     SMS Bayern
Two Patrol Vessels
Four Merchant Ships

American Navy
One Colonial Cruiser on rotation
Currently USS Keararge

Belgium does have both an economic and a military presence on the planet. Current number of ships is unknown.

Ottoman Balloon deployed on Mars.
Like Belgium, Brazil appears to be making a claim on the resources of the planet. At lease a single cruiser has been reported but no direct evidence is available at this time. 

Ottoman Empire 
The Turks have a minor presence on the planet setting up relationships with many of the hill and krag Martians. Other and airships there is little sign of direct Ottoman military presence on the planet. 

Spanish Empire
Spanish agents and explores have been found on Mars. While the reasons for their presence is uncertain we will continue to report on a possible build up of the Spanish Empire on Mars.

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