Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Arms Race - VSF Style

Gaulois next to a typical Royal Navy patrol craft.
It is already known that I am playing Imperial Skies on Mars (and Venus) in lieu of Dreadnought action on Earth, but a minor diplomatic matter came up in ordering the miniatures during and after the Kickstarter, an Arms Race.

First off I had two decent colonial fleets for the British and French with a small smattering of Germans, Americans and merchants. And than the Kickstarter came along and I bought the Russian fleet to get the cute Dobrovolets class destroyers. And as I was buying based on esoteric designs I had to also get the Gaulois class dreadnought.

Dobrovolets Class Destroyer
Image from Brigade Models website
With those on order I had to get a few more Royal Navy vessels, a Brazilian, more merchants, a few balloons and a Ottoman ship. (After the orders I had more battleships and and cruisers than I initially planned on.) And the arms race was off.

The good news is I have most of the ships I need for Mars but the British Colonial Office would like something heavier to off set the French Gaulois class and the German Schleswig-Holstein. I also received my CoreSec order of basing bits. The bad news is I do need more bits before starting the campaign.

For now the fleets have stabilized for the colonial powers on Mars, and working on a fleet list for Venus and the need for digs. It does seem I am having more fun with the planning than playing, but I have had fun with the Imperial Skies rules.