Sunday, July 16, 2017

Dover Patrol

When we think of the Great War and naval engagements we often think of the great naval battles such as Jutland or German submariners in the Atlantic. Yet much of the real war was fought on pre-dreadnoughts and smaller vessels like destroyers and coasters.

Here we have a book and podcast looking at the war up close with the Dover Patrol. With ships that were very important but not at Scapa Flow. A period I have not yet gamed but is very interesting.

Here is a link to the podcast about this book.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Blogger Stats

I have no idea what happened since the beginning of the year. My numbers went from 20 to 50 a day with 100 or so being reached with a little work to 400 and 500 with no work. My itemized statistics also did not link you with these enlarged numbers and than on the 19th of May it came back down.

Now why am I not complaining about the depressed stats, well the higher numbers were not real. Oh and they were coming from Russia. I wonder if I will now be called before the US Senate Intelligence Committee?

Saturday, June 10, 2017

I'm Back

Well for the last month of so I was ill and even unable to use my laptop. Yes that is crazy hard for even me to get my head around, so I worked on future posts using my moleskin journals.

So before I do my first post for June I want to offer one last clue on my secret project. The winner will receive either a $10 TOOFATLardies gift certificate or $10 from Gaming Models. Your choice. Last clue is this picture. We already determined is was a new period or front for me, part of the official TOOFATLardies canon and lastly was one of the smallest platoon for this or any army for Chain of Command. Guesses for the prize will end on June 22nd.

Now to my new post.

OK we all know Jon has a thing for the FT-17. I have several, including two on my painting bench from Gaming Models. It is not fast or even powerful, but was the basis for all tank designs going forward to the present time. Unfortunately there is not a great deal written about this important engineered vehicle. I have an old Osprey and a Profile piece but they are dated and do have errors.  Most of the current materials are best found on museum sites often in French, funny how that happens.

So why do I keep this around, well it is like an old friend that I want to keep, in this case in my gaming library. Do others out there have similar books we keep for reference or other reasons, even though they are well past their sell by date?

This book covers the early development and use of the Renault FT in World War I and how it was the basis for tank designs and used directly by most of the worlds armed forces, US, France, Poland Japan and the Soviet Union all used it. Soviets copied it, the US sold it to Canada in early World War II as a training vehicle. Even the US used it on the battlefield at Gettysburg and against its own citizens in Washington DC.

It was active with the Poles in the Russo Polish War and in Case White against the Germans. Add in South America, North Africa, German airfield defense and anti-partizan operations and this slim volume covers a lot.

Thirty years latter this slim volume does hold up well, warts and all. Some of the paint schemes are suspect but I still love it. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Favorite Books

There are a select few books that are in my library the I do not want to live without and yesterday in a used book shop in York PA I found this, a copy of Peter Fleming's Operation Sea Lion. My original purchase of this is what got me to start my studies of this what-if campaign. The connection to James Bond and that this was a book written before the release of the British knowledge from signal intelligence only came latter. I was young.

My initial copy was found in a used book shop in Ferndale California back in 1986. My new copy was bought for the sole purpose of it having an intact book jacket. Yes I do love this book that much.

Do you have similar books you love?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Battle in the Snow

Before to much more time passes I do want to report on the game played at the club in March. This was a game based on the Skirmish Campaign book for the Winter War that was moved over to Chain of Command. In this I was the over all Soviet Commander (never a good thing) with a partner launching an assault on a fortified reactionary Finish village and amazing of all the plan almost worked.

With the burning buildings acting as an obstruction I held the middle and our open right flank, while my comrade was to support the middle  assault and swing through the woods on my left.

With our Maxim holding the Fins in their trenches on the right and center my first squad headed forward around the buildings towards the capitalist held trenches.

Then the plan started to come apart.

The squad leader on my left was lacking in revolutionary spirit and told me he did not want to leave the woods as, and I quote, "I might get shot". If I had a commissar available he would have been. So with time running away I bounded for the trenches and with quick work and several fallen for the Motherland we took the trenches. As we needed to move on quickly and my coward of comrade still refusing to leave the woods I rolled the dice and came up short by about three inches from leaving the table and winning. I was than halted by the remains of the Fins in a counter attack and them winning two back to back initiatives. In that moment I lost the rest of my troops.

Oh so close to a win...

It was a fun game and well balanced but I can only hope the commander on my left met one of those fine members from the NKVD.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

The Troops Have Arrived

Next step for the project, the troops have arrived as well as the bases from Litko. I so love the service from Peter Pig.

Next clue, the rules I will be using for this force come from TOOFATLardies.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

5 Stages of a Successful Wargame Plan

Step 1 Have the thought that the plan is brilliant.

Step B I meant for you to attack the "other" left flank.

Step iii We may need to check logistics, a slice of pizza may be in order.

Step d  'Houston, we have a problem.'

Step V Charge!!!

Kearny's Charge, Battle of Chantilly
Not all charges work out
Why do I think of Neil Shuck when I see this picture.