Sunday, August 28, 2016

Roads to Antietam

While waiting on a few AeroNefs for Imperial Skies and some GUPPy submarines for my proto type rules I wanted to get something on the table. While looking around I decided on a board game from the 1990s that I had not played before. These are the first two games of the award winning GCACW system. But I wanted to put an Alt-History touch to them.

This campaign starts with General Robert E Lee and his forces getting ready to cross the Rapidan River and General John Pope looking to move back along his supply lines while waiting for the returning Army of the Potomac. This is the beginning of the campaign scenario in the first game that could lead to the Battle of 2nd Manassas. The twist is that I am using the two pages of notes, my own experience with GCACW campaigns and a whole lot of reference materials. This is part what-if, part game and part educational experience.

Victory is based on a sliding scale on what the Confederate forces are doing and the date since the start of the evacuation of Union force from the Peninsula. For the first two weeks the Confederates can treat the campaign as a raid with the objectives being destroying railroad stations and infrastructure as well as trying to isolate General Pope and destroy his forces before they can link up with the Army of the Potomac. For his part, General Pope needs to win, or at least not lose so he can stay in charge in the theater. The fun is what to do if he is still winning when General McClellan arrives. Will require a

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Imperoal Skies Has Arrived

The rewards for my support for this project arrived in the post yesterday. I received the rules and look forward to reading them over the weekend and getting my painted figures out. I also have a few ships and bits coming from this Kickstarter.

As I do love Victorian SciFi I can see this getting bumped up on the projects list. Anyone else taking the plunge?

Friday, July 29, 2016


There are many miniatures that gamers will buy, but have little chance to see on the table regularly. I think of the German Panzer VIII Maus. Not really suited in any game unless it is an objective.

We also have over buying. What is the acceptable limit of American Pershings, and German King Tigers and all of the limited production runs on hunting animals like Jagdpanthers and Jagdtigers. Yet most World War II gamers will have these at the ready. Maybe needed for Flames of War but what about more respectable platoon level games like Chain of Command that has been released in recent years? For me I even have the guilty secret of having Brummbär that I have not used. Ok, not that bad of a secret.

So as I am trying to go over things that I need to finish up I found a campaign system that I was working on for early Cold War naval battles based on the period of post war conversions for submarines and the early nuclear boats. What can I say I have a think for the Skipjacks. So please follow along as I work on playtests, rules and more importantly, where do you find these models.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Uptick

In the past week my blog has seen over 900 hits from Russia and another 94 from Mauritius. That is more than from my home country of the United States. If you are from Russia or Mauritius welcome there is a great deal here dealing with Russian/Soviet weapon system.

As for Mauritius, need to do a little research. If nothing else the flags are colorful.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Star Trek Returns

OK so thnis is a piggy back off of Meeples and Miniatures site but this is to important to miss. Modiphius is to release a Star Trek RPG and for me this may get me back to playing these types of games. Miniatures look to be from the original series and that is a huge plus. More on this as I find out additional information.

The Release from Modiphius
Note from Meeples and Miniatures

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Progress - Sort Of

Working on two projects both dealing with Chain of Command in northern France. One is a quasi-commando scenario taking place in the days leading up to Operation Overlord.

While I have most of the figures and vehicles, it is the chateau that is giving me the most trouble of finding. I have looked at both MDF and resin but nothing so far has grabbed me. But even though I still  miss a key building I am pleased with my writing progress have completed two thousand words for the two articles. Just need to finish one of them.

So any thought on 15mm chateaus? Looking for the likes this.

Found out about this after I finished this blog.
Should fit the build.

Gatling Guns in Media PA

My wife and I attended a show in Media, Pennsylvania and while walking to the theater from where we parked we passed the county courthouse. I do love the miscellaneous weapons you find in front of a court house.

Often I see the locally produced 3" Ordnance Rifle, signal guns and on occasion a Vickers machine gun. Well Media has the Gatling Gun and the two of them are so cool. If only they would stop painting them. So sad.

So what is in front of your court house or even VFW?