Thursday, October 5, 2017

Pipping the Ride

So while waiting on the new paint brushes and paints I started looking at what kind of tanks I want to use with my Tank Rider Platoon, and the Soviets offer so many.  I was not sure if I wanted to go with 1943 to the end of the war, or instead do from the spring/summer of 1944 to VE Day. For reasons that will soon become clear I went with the latter.

The Soviets have many options including Lend Lease Shermans and Valentines. I did not go with that option as I have neither spare vehicles to use and if I had Sherman tanks they would be used by the British. 

The other Ruskie  options are more interesting and include:

Assault Guns ISU122/152 and the SU 100/122/152
Heavy Tanks including the IS-2
Medium Tanks T34/85
Light Tank like the T-70
APC and Carriers such as the M3, White Scout Car and Universal Carriers

Of these I lean a little to the Assault Guns and T-34/85. Both are famous for action in the east and latter the Middle East and Africa, positive points for me. I also like the White Scout Car and Carriers for similar reasons; and none of this will effect my military budget as I have all of this in house.

SU-152 (A great door opener)
ISU-122/152 (An even better door opener.)
White Scout Cars
Universial Carriers built and painted

The winner for me is the SU-152 or ISU-122/152 as I had models of these as a kid but I will try to build them all.

So any thoughts of the best choices for the Soviets in Cain of Command?


  1. Interesting...why did you buy the T43/85M? That has the post war roadwheels. Can't help you with CoC I'm afraid, I'm squarely in the BG camp.

  2. Funny thing is that none of these were bought directly, either trades or out right gifts. The T34/85M was for Lebanon but will do double duty on the Eastern Front until I find a need to get the war time version.

  3. Just paint them green and they are good to so, for Lebanon you can just add some sand camo or leave them as they are. :)

  4. Jon! What has happened to you and your blog?

  5. I ws just wondering that, Jonathan. I hope he's okay.

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