Thursday, November 17, 2016

Peter Pig - Russian Scouts

Image from Peter Pig website
Once again Martin over at Perter Pig has done it again. They have now released six packs of WWII Soviet Scouts. Helping to fill a gap in many collections. This will be useful for both creating a platoon of Scouts for Chain of Command to grab a bridge or similar important objective or they can be added in to a units reconnaissance section. I can see these being part of a tank desant platoon. Something I have wanted to do for Chain of Command. Either way a great addition. We even have female snipers, always welcome. Well done to the team at Peter Pig.


  1. I like PP WWII figures very much! Are you playing CoC in 15mm with individually based figures?

    1. I prefer the individual based figures, unless I buy off of eBay a nice platoon based for Flames of War and I make it work. I prefer Peter Pig followed by Forged in Battle and Flames of War. Most of my forces are Peter Pig so I try to stay close to 15mm true.

  2. These new packs are very nice. I picked some up at Colours in september even though I have no plans as yet.
    Most of my WW2 figures are PeterPig and a number of vehicles but I have a fair few vehicle packs from plastic soldier company which are very nice and go well with PeterPig.