Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Imperial Skies as an RPG

These would come in handy on Mars, but unfortunately
the heavy units are needed on Earth.

Figures from Brigade Models

It has always been my intention to treat Imperial Skies as more of an RPG than a strict tabletop wargame. With that said I needed to set up the factions. For me the game had to be played from the perspective of the British Empire in a very Space 1889 fashion. With that in mind I needed to look to the political, economic and military situation on Mars (as well as Earth and Venus).

For the Empire there were certain concerns that needed to be met by the small Royal Navy force on Mars. In no particular order these are:

Keep piracy in check and keep the lanes open for free (British) trade.
Great Game
Concerns with the Russian Empire.
Spice Trade
Trying to maintain the monopoly. See trade missions.
Need to protect the Christian faith on the planet.
Trade Missions
Potential conflict with the Americans.
Issues with the French Republic and the German Empire
As with piracy, slavers need to be kept in check. Concern with Brazilian and Belgium interests in the form of trade.

With this done I will be looking to finish writing up the linked campaign, This will be heavy on conflict with the French and Russians as that is how the game is played, but Martians, Germans and Americans will appear as well as dashing pirates and slavers.


  1. Interesting. Would this be something you would consider running as a play by e-mail campaign?

    1. It has promise. I was thinking once my Gettysburg comes to an end to set up the frame work and run a campaign where we can use what we have. I will think of you as a possible playtester. :-)