Sunday, October 9, 2016

Update - 9 Oct 2016

At least the high command is ready.
Kraków Army
This blog post is very much a good news bad news sort of post. First the good news, Imperial Skies is looking like a great game and I hope to have the rest of my figures based and painted, once I get my order of bit and bobs from CorSec Engineering.

French Fleet based on Mars is looking good and the Royal Navy and merchants are on deck so a game will be happening real soon. Also have a few Germans and Americans. Waiting on the dreaded Russians from Tony. Working on a short introduction scenario for this weekend so I can at least start moving ships around.

Now the bad news, my Case White - 1939 Invasion of Poland, in 15mm, is on hold as I need more infantry. Have almost a platoon from the 10th Mechanized Brigade but I am in need of support and regular infantry as well. Some cavalry would be nice too. Also need to hear back about ordering samples from Outpost. Oh bother.

More soon.

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