Friday, January 31, 2014

Week in Review

This has been another productive week. Here I have a mix of American protective cruisers in 1/6000 scale and the USS Olympia in 1/2400 scale. I have been going through my box of Spanish American War ships to see if I can put together the Battle of Manila Bay. Not a bad project idea Tony.

My Spanish American War miniatures were bought while I was in the Navy. The purchase happened before I moved my boat to the west coast which means next year they will be old enough to run for the US Senate (or President).

I also have a 1/144th 3 inch A.A. Mk .1 on Peerless Lorry from Shapeways. While this will be useful for TOOFATLardies Algy rules (soon to be released I hope) it will find a place on the table with my WWI desert troops.

Lastly I have three tiles of 2mm desert village terrain. Bought these to go with my 3mm PicoArmor miniatures. Not sure how to use them. For now they will make great background items.

Like I said at the beginning it has been a productive week. Now than I have to get back to my Germans and Ships.


  1. Nice ship and interesting sounding projects. Dean

  2. Thank you Dean. I have always had a soft spot for the USS Olympia.