Thursday, January 16, 2014

Invincible Black Brigade

The Invincible Black Brigade tells the story of the Polish 10th Cavalry Brigade from inception to the end of the September 1939 Campaign in pictures. This is a short history about a unit that will be rebuilt again in both France and Britain ending the war occupying the German North Sea coast.

And the gamer, armchair general or modeler could not ask for more. Jerzy Majka’s photographs and supporting text makes this an asset for the hobby and historian. (It has gotten me to look again at the Forged in Battle miniatures in my painting queue.) I have not seen most of the photos taken from the Polish side. Those taken by the Germans of captured vehicles even include several gems.  There is the obligatory TOE and OB. Color plates at the end are better than anything else out there for the modeler. It is a definite buy.

With support from Alex over at Anatoli’s Game Room and TOOFATLardies gamers can jump right in using this book to bring history to the table top. Now I need to get back to reading through the Chain of Command Rules.

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