Sunday, January 19, 2014

Battle of Coronel AAR

Yesterday was the first day in this New Year that I haven’t picked up a paintbrush. (Not bad so far compared to last year.) And I had a great reason; I was playing Battle of Coronel a 1914 naval engagement off the coast of Chile.

Keith and I commanded the British, receiving a gift from Tony, both the Armored Cruiser Defense and the Battleship Canopus. Either of which could or should have been there. It made the sides more even.

Keith led with three armored cruisers and I followed with the slower Canopus, Glasgow and Otranto. The Germans came on board in two columns one containing the Scharnhorst and Gneisenau the other, the three light cruisers.

As Keith moved off to port and engaged the light cruisers closely. After two passes two cruisers were sunk and a third was limping off the table.

My weaker force was trading blows with the unusually slow German Armored Cruisers. The German player was new and was have trouble not masking his ship’s fire.  After 12 turns and 96 minutes of battle his two cruisers would have been able to make their escape but heavily damaged, but they would have met Keith’s squadron farther down the coast. Of my ships only the AMC Otranto was fresh and ready for battle. I hope Keith will send it off to hunt down the damaged German Light Cruiser.

It was a great game and I hope to play again. Tony ran a good game, even though we seemed to move the ships a little to close for comfort. We also found that we have enough miniatures to do many of the battles of The Great War. Thank you Tony and all of the players as well as the club for running this mini convention.

 British Line of Battle
 The end of the German Light Cruisers

 Keith's Cruisers
This cannot be good for the HMS Canopus

Thank again this does not look good for the Germans. We also see the 
HMS Glasgow having some engine difficulties.
Nothing Scotty cannot fix.

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