Thursday, January 2, 2014

US Navy and a Little Snow

Well we are getting a bit of snow here in the Northeast. The trip home from work instead of being 15 minutes was an hour. Never did see a snowplow or a salt truck. Hope it is better were you are located. So what is a guy to do, well go off to the painting bench.

As I am waiting on the rest of my Figurehead miniatures to bring my navies into the mid-1980s I am switching gears to my 15mm figures. As I am trying to clean up the painting backlog I am starting with two T-62s and a few pieces of terrain.

Here is my US Navy so far. With 47 ships I think it is respectable in size. Still need a few to get it to the Reagan 600 ship Navy. Have to do another count once the order comes in.

 Destroyers, Frigates and Submarines - Both sides of the ASW Equation.

 The Heavies - Carriers, Cruisers and Support on this side.

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