Saturday, January 4, 2014

New Toys

This has been a busy day. After cleaning up from the snowstorm, a trip to the gym, and a romp in the snow with the wife and dog, I got a call that an order of miniatures was in. So I was off to Leigh County and pick up my World War I naval miniatures.

These 1/6000 scale beauties have become my go to scale for naval games. This goes for pre-dreadnought to the Cold War periods.

These will allow me to run the cruiser battles of 1914 were the British Empire (with French and Japanese assistance) hunted down the German raiders, as well as Falklands and Coronel. I will also with the Brandenburg and Siegfried and the colliers and tramp steamers I will be starting on a pre-dreadnought project that is also connected to a writing project. Time to get them to the painting table.

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