Friday, January 17, 2014


I am very pleased to be part of the 2014 TooFatLardies Game Ready Campaign started by Rob of the blog Vis Lardica. It has me painting through miniatures that I primed in 2013 (some in 2012) but never finished. You should take the time to get involved. I am sure you have some unpainted stuff you need to finish. Check out Rob’s blog to see what other Lardies are doing or email Rob @

While my mountain of white metal is going down, I have picked up a few 3D printed ships, but I promise I will paint them soon. Actually most are based and or primed. That has to be a record for me. These include monitors and protected cruisers for 1902 as well as a few moderns to play around with.

One of the moderns that lingered in my shopping cart for most of last year was the Arsenal Ship. One of the all time daftest naval designs. Here is a ship larger than most WWII aircraft carriers with a crew as little as two-dozen and the firepower of a battle group. The ship would have the ability to launch multiple land attack cruise missiles from 500+ vertical launch cells.

As a Cold War concept it is a good idea as it could suppress an area prior to an invasion. Unfortunately the idea came out after the Cold War and before the War on Terror. So the Arsenal Ship and all of its cousins (DDX Zumwalt, and the SC21s) were cut and I am glad as with its small crew it was a perfect target for terrorists.  But that does not mean I cannot have it on my table. Only problem is they came in a set of four and that is three to many. So does anyone need a modern/sci-fi 1/6000 scale Arsenal Ship? Let me know.

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