Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kaiser’s Navy

The Kaiser’s Navy has added two new warships and four auxiliaries giving even the pre-dreadnought Germans limited abilities for power projection outside the North Sea.

While the colliers are the work horses (or should this be draught horses) the real sexy ships have to be the battlecruisers. The first out for scouting, always in the thick of things and a choice position for all officers of the Kaiserliche Marine.

Here we have the SMS Moltke (sister of the SMS Goeben) and the SMS Seydlitz. Both armed with 28cm (11”) guns and able to do better than 28 knots. These were left overs mioniatures from a playtest I did on catching the SMS Goeben.The SMS Goeben always seems to get away.

Both of these battlecruisers will be available for all of the raids and battles in the North Sea including Battle of Dogger Bank and the Battle of Jutland. These are often the largest vessels in the early war raids and make for quick and enjoyable games.

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