Friday, February 14, 2014

The Vickers 6 ton Tank

While used by at least fifteen armies, and fought in numerous inter-war conflicts the Vickers 6 ton tank is lacking in the miniatures world. At least for this 15mm gamer.

If you are interested in fighting the Chaco War or the French-Thai War on a table top these are needed tanks. For me I needed a couple for my Polish 10th Cavalry Brigade. A company of 16 was part of the brigade along with 101st Recce Tank Company made up of the more common TK and TKS tankettes. The TK and TKS are not only common in the Polish Order of Battle, but are common from miniature manufactories.

I can only find the Vickers made by one producer and that is True North Miniatures. In general I find their figures to be bulky but these Vickers are found to be very wanting. First off they are marketed as Polish but they have none of changes included the larger air intakes. These are more generic Vickers tanks possibly useful for the Chaco or French-Thai War. They are also not in scale with their infantry.

So the solutions are limited. Do I learn to do 3D printing, that is possible. I am now trying to find a designer that will do it for me and other gamers interested in this period. That is also a possibility. Not sure why Flames of War of Forged in Battle have not done this for their Poles. Any other suggestions?


  1. If I was to start fresh I would do 20mm.

  2. Minairons make some very nice T-26s in 1/100th scale, would those be "good enough" for Vickers? Also, QRF have some Vickers tanks.