Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snowmen Gone Wild

I am off the grid here is cold and windy southeastern Pennsylvania. Once again I am shoveling the newly fallen snow. What is a gamer to do?

Well take pictures of my new snowmen of course.

Here are my six Evil Snowmen and their Canadian Crystal leader getting ready to attack the lodge. This is part of my Winter (not to be confused with Christmas) Village. There was a reason I left it up.

After the attack on the Lodge, they are off to the Village. But first they need to help the stranded motorists.

I think these will be a good complement to Doctor Mercury's snow troops. Maybe we can get a game in once it warms up.

Figures are from Old Glory from two or three years ago as a special for joining their club. I also have the young defenders on the painting table that I hope to get to by the spring. Just not sure which year.

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