Sunday, November 21, 2010

Media for Wargaming

While doing my under-grad work in history, I spent a get deal of time in the stacks going through old newspapers, magazines and the ever-present microfiche. These were great secondary sources for the events occurring since the mid-19th century. I was wondering what were historians and gamers going to use to research modern day conflicts. While the Vietnam War and Falklands both have a lot of books out there remembering their platoon, squadron or ship, how will we find out about the more secretive parts of the world. There is not much that comes out of the Middle East dealing with military matters unless it pertains to the United States. So while I can find some materials about Lebanon 1982 in English, it is mostly from the Israeli point of view. I have found one book with a chapter on Syria and their air force. It added a total of three pages and no notes on sources (OK the sources are only a problem for the academic in me).

So what can a gamer do? Since I limited myself from the start of the invasion to the attempts to close the Beirut to Damascus Highway we are only looking at less than three weeks (6 June 1982 to 24 June 1982). This leaves the monthly and even the weekly publications out. As for the daily newspapers other than the New York Times and The Jerusalem Post I am not certain what to use. Any suggestions?

A view of the film crew reporting on a Syrian advance on a Lebanese position.

A view of the crew and Syrians advancing taken from the mosque. Figures from Peter Pig and buildings from Fieldworks. Jon Yuengling did the painting.


  1. Your right Mark, I need to paint the shutters. They are a different shade of white and look good one the table, but less so in photographs.

  2. Apple Barrel Wedgewood Green is my vote.

  3. Sounds like a golfing color.

  4. Jon,

    When I was over in Europe/Israel then (May/June 1982) I read "Stars and Stripes" for their accounts on the war. They probably used articles from the NYT but they maight have had some other sources that you could use.

    I didn't see this on your book list, but Dupuy usually had pretty good non-Israeli sources:

    Flawed Victory: The Arab-Israeli Conflict And The 1982 War In Lebanon (With Paul Martell), Virginia, 1986

    I enjoy your blog. Thanks for all the postings.