Saturday, November 27, 2010

Airpower in Lebanon - Lardies Style

I have played around with the jet supplements to TOOFATLardies Bag the Hun and so far they seem to work well for my Lebanon 1982 project.  I like the miniatures from PicoArmor, the distributor for Oddzial Osmy (O8). These 3mm gems look good and allow for some really nice fur-balls. Right now I am only missing one type of aircraft and have access to two versions of the MiG-21.

Here is my list of what is needed for an air battle over Lebanon and the Bekaa. Valley. 
F4-E Phantom II       
MiG-21 Version Used - MF, PFMA, MS, SMT, bis (Pico has the MF & F-13)
A-4 (Not Available by Pico)
MiG-23 Version Used - MS, MF   
Su-22 (Using the Su-17 from Pico)
RF4-E (Using the F4-E from Pico)

So am I missing anything (other than SAMs)?

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