Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Today I received my order from Fieldworks and all I can say is WOW! First off a large box arrived Fieldworks. It was a big box and I found out why once it was open. The must be close to a barrel of oil used to make the bubble wrap John Shuker used on packing the order. These four plastic buildings arrived in great shape. Below are image I took of my unpainted village.

The floors of the buildings are removable so work great for skirmish games with plenty of places for my militias to hide. Here is my new Charioteer trying to hide in the rubble of a building.

John and Fieldworks have excellent customer service skills in emailing me when it was shipped and asked to be told once it was received.

I look forward to painting these up and getting them into use. If you have any question ask me or John at


  1. Fieldworks buildings are brilliant, I have a pile still waiting for me to get around to finishing them, but not had the time so far to do so.

  2. I looked at the first photo and went cardoard blerk. Scrolled down a bit and realised they were detailed resin. Nice. Moulded on bases are a nice touch.

  3. I was working on them this past weekend and they are really fun to pain up. Will try to get some pictures up soon.