Friday, November 12, 2010

5,000 Page Views Latter

Lebanon 1982 started out as a simple project that would allow my partner in crime Mr. Kinsey and I do gaming using our pulled resources and game a similar period. This simple project grew quickly, as they always do. At this point my blog has a life of its own.

The intention was to create a campaign setting to run games in both 15mm and 3mm. What has occurred is a general history for gaming in Lebanon with promotions and reviews of products from companies that produce the miniatures, terrain and published materials.

Learning the history is great. (I never thought I would be researching the Communist Party of Lebanon and their militia Hizbu-sh-shuy‘uī-l-lubnānī). I also enjoy the interaction with the vendors, players and my friends. I have started many gaming friendships through this blog.

So what will the next 5,000 page views bring? I hope (through TooFatLardies) to post Lebanon 1982 rule additions and enhancements, set up weapon tables to work with Charlie Don’t Surf for this period, and plan and game a campaign following a unit through Lebanon to Beirut and the Beirut–Damascus Highway.

Thank you and please let me know what you think.
Jonathan Yuengling


  1. Jon, it's been a good ride so far. It's amazing how 'something different' can have so much appeal. I must admit that current conflicts hold little interest for me, so your going back a little works fine.

    Between the two of you, you've given, me at least, some good reading and inspiration. Hope you keep it going!

  2. Will try Jim. I was in the US Navy from 1981 to 86 and was off the coast of Lebanon so it has an interest for me. I will also game WWIII in the early 80s as well as the Falkland conflict. I really do not want to game anything more recent. To much bagage.


  3. It's been an excellent read so far. I must admit to having been a bit too young to have known much about these conflicts when they were going on.

    Face it, in 1982 I was trying to figure out which Iron Maiden album to buy and digesting my latest copy of the D&D rules.

    I look forward to reading more on the history and seeing more of your great and incredibly inspiring miniatures and terrain.


  4. It's been a great read for me. It's a conflict I don't know too much about but reading your blog I must say I need to give it a go one day.

  5. I've been enjoying the commentary and battle reports (but then again, it was the 1982 war that got me into studying the Middle East in the first place).

    Incidentally, the LCP militia wasn't called the Hizbu-sh-shuy‘uī-l-lubnānī (that's simply Arabic for "Lebanese Communist Party"), but rather the al-hurras ash-sha’abi (the "Popular Guard").

  6. Thank you for the correction.

  7. Keep up the great work, I've really been enjoying it! I've got a fledgling Lebanon '82 set up myself, but it's put to shame by your beautiful figures and terrain.