Monday, November 29, 2010

Is there a Problem With History?

While this blog was by design a communication tool for our gaming community I am surprised at the lack of traction from within the area of Israel, Lebanon and Syria. While I do not know how prevalent the Internet is in Lebanon and Syria, I do know that Israel is on par with the United States.

From what I have read, 16% of the population of Syria has Internet access; the issue is the lack of content. While I know the government is not blocking my blog directly (at least I hope so) blogs and social media are often targeted.

So if the region is able to get to my blog, and they understand English, why am I not seeing higher numbers for the region? Any guesses? My guess is they have the same problem we have in the west, a lack of interest in history.

Have other bloggers found similar dismal numbers?


  1. I don't history is the problem. The geekness of wargaming is. (Wargamer and Proud)

  2. Lebanon is also still a very sore spot with Israelis that still divides the people there. In many respects this was similar to Vietnam for them. I think it will be a while yet before you start seeing the Israeli wargaming community looking to this conflict. And as Beccas pointed out, the nature of this hobby, it will represent a small percentage of their overall population. I suspect there just are not that many wargamers there.

  3. Both Israel and Lebanon have a vociferous internet community who do have forums dedicated to their histories. There are occasional fireworks when Syrian and Egyptian folk chip in too!

    Like Chris said, it may be that the wargaming side of things is not of great interest to them as the photo based forums are very active.

    The same is true of the Falklands War in the UK, it's more popular outside of the UK than in it... so maybe it's too close to home to game?