Sunday, April 2, 2017

End of March - A Gamers Report

Well I have ended March and the first Quarter and I think this is a good time to see how my gaming life is going. As already talked about personally I have had lost a friend and that has tainted my gaming experience, but as Al was a true gamer I am able to connect to him through the memories of gaming with him, and there are many memories.

I am pleased to say that so far this year I have painted 72 infantry and 12 vehicles in 15mm. All told I have spent over 26 hours painting. Less than my targeted goal but has set a good base line to reach 1,000 points on the Vis Lardica score card. If you are not familiar with it check it out, it has helped motivate many of us to paint more.

My purchases have been minor,  two Forged in Battle packs and I purchased Rob Avery's September Campaign as I do love the early war period and I have Polish figures painted up. Before you think that the campaign is to one sided (I get that a lot in the club) any reading of the company and platoon show good competitive actions. If interested in 1939 Poland or early World War II take a look.

I even got in  a couple of games, the latest was as a Soviet commander of a platoon taking part in an assault against Finnish lines, and the Russians almost pulled it off. The Russians have the advantage of numbers but their moral did not hold up in the end.

We will also be starting the von Luck campaign in the next month. I find the club very responsive to Chain of Command and TOOFATLardies.

And what is in store for the second quarter? Well I look to finish off the BEF support troops, and start the British Paras (I so love painting denison smocks in 15mm) and more Polish and Germans for 1939. Add in book and game reviews, after action reports and the continuing story of Osiak's War and it is busy as always. Let me know what you think and if you want to hear anything specific. All the best.


  1. Decent effort in Q1 and Q2 looks to hold many projects of interest. Looking forward to following more of your early war progress.

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