Sunday, April 30, 2017

Building the Village

For any gamer we need our home field to defend, for some it is our home county, town or village. For me it is a non-descript English/Cornish village that can be used for both Operation SeaLion and a VBCW campaign (have not given up on that yet).

Image from Tiger Terrain
With receiving this weeks test order from Tiger Terrain. I ordered the stone barn and farm house and was very pleased. I also picked up the outbuildings to give the village a rustic feel. While still unpainted I am please on three levels. They were delivered in a timely manner of less than two weeks. Coming from the UK, that is great. Customer service was top notch with me receiving emails through each step. Lastly is the quality. I am very impressed with the quality of the resign castings. These buildings have great detail and I look forward to painting them. The company even sent me painting instructions. Well done Stephan.

Village is coming together
As of this evening the village has a manor house, a vicarage, a small shop and a post office and telephone exchange. Add to this three farm building and five houses we have an exciting village coming together.

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