Monday, April 24, 2017

A New Project

I know I said no new projects for 2017 but guess what, I started one. I know what you are thinking, but as a gamer waiting until 3 months and 24 days into the new year before starting a new project is pretty good. The reason for this new project does not involve reading a new book, a gaming convention or even a new rules set.

The reason was I worked out a new way I wanted to base my miniatures so I could keep the infantry separate from the leaders and specialists. And what better way to try it out than by starting a new army/force. So here is the deal, I will blog on occasion about what I am doing with hints and I will offer a prize (not sure what but it will be game related) to the first person that can guess the army/unit and period/war. Extra points for guessing sooner than latter and for what rules.

So the first hint is I placed an order with Litko for 100 20mm bases, 25 25mm bases and 25 30mm bases. Ok so not a great hint but I will post often and you can always ask questions (one question per blog post) via the blog and social media. Good Luck.


  1. It's AWI sharp practice with some PA navy stuff for good measure. That is my guess.

    1. Great guess but inside information did not help. That is incorrect for rules and period.