Monday, May 5, 2014

The Goeben by S&T

For myself and those interested in The Great War at sea, The Goeben (in Strategy & Tactics Issue #287) has peaked my interest.  This is a solitaire game with the player commanding the SMS Goeben and Breslau. While not a fan of many of the existing solitaire system that I have seen, I may give this a try.It has been a long time since I was interested in a new S&T.

Why? Well I do have the Great War at Sea system by Avalanche Press and it plays this out in great detail, but I would love to find a system that is fast and can generate quick games for the club.  Often the battles I have seen played out with this period of the war only cover Rear Admiral Ernest Troubridge’s armored cruisers or Admiral Sir Berkeley Milne’s battlecruisers.

But what of the French? Admiral Augustin BouĂ© de Lapeyrère forces made up of the bulk of the French Navy. While they were escorting the African army to France there is every possibility of an engagement with the Goeben.  Unique French armored cruisers against the Goeben anyone? I wonder if anyone at the club has the SPI classic The Flight of the Goeben?

I look forward to picking this up but it has not yet appeared at my one and only local hobby shop.

More soon I hope.

--5 May 2014--
Found out today that the release of this game is not May but July.
Oh bother.

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