Monday, May 12, 2014

Gettysburg - Revisited

Looking at magazines can be a bad thing. Buying them can be even worse. Here we have a new project.

Couple of days ago I saw the recent Blue and Grey magazine about Gettysburg. While a long time subscriber now I only buy the occasional issue. This past Thursday was one of those rare occasions.

Now my eyes normally glaze over when I see another magazine with Gettysburg on the cover.  Going back to the early 1980s I have seen to many articles on this battle. I am certain that more has been written about this engagement than any other three-day period of time. What else could be written?

Yet I picked this issue up because it covers something that as a wargamer I have often wondered about, American Civil War towns fight. These types of engagements are rare and very different than most of the battles played in miniature.

The 1st of July 1863 is one of those rare battles. I can only think of three others; Baton Rouge, Fredericksburg and maybe Franklin. These battles are few but interesting for the gamers out there as they are often forlorn hope engagements. These are not your straight up brigade verses brigade fights. Here the company and below are the points of interest.

So what am I to do, well I have the figures that I can paint up and use a set of rules I have been meaning to use for a long time, Terrible Sharp Swordby the TOOFATLardies. I may even have enough building to pull off the Brick Yard or the Eagle Hotel. Should be fun.

Anyone out there ever run a town fight?

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