Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Battle of Reval

The Russian 1st Cruiser Brigade came under fire today west of Reval suffering heavy losses.  The five armored and protective cruisers engaged elements of the German High Seas Fleet.

The Russians were trying to cover the northern approaches to the Gulf of Riga when they engaged a squadron of pre-dreadnoughts. Fire on both sides was poor, but it was only a matter of time before the German numbers over came the Russians.

In the middle of the battle both sides’ torpedo boats engaged the opposing fleets. Here again the forces did poorly as none of the torpedoes hit for the loss of 2 destroyers each.

The Russians lost the Flagship Rurik, Bayan and Oleg. Minor damage was done to the German battleship with the SMS Zahringen being escorted back to port for repairs.

The points currently are 6 for the Russian and 47 for the Germans.

The Russians will have to get lucky with their minefields and submarines to even up the game.

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