Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Report from the Front

It has been a couple of interesting weeks on the miniatures and gaming front.

I have not only finished a successful Union victory in the Shenandoah in 1862, I have been called upon to defend Richmond as the Confederate player in the GCACW game of “On to Richmond”.

For miniatures I have been lucky in gathering and paining most of the forces I will need for TOOFATLardies Summer Special Hell’s Highway as I defend a very long road against 30th Corps. The Germans are very hard pressed in this game, than again they were historically.

Mark and I had a chance to spread the message of Lard to the Leigh Valley and a small gaming event. Well it is small compared to Historicon or GenCon but I was presently surprised at the turn out. Steve of Dragonhead Distributors set it up and the mixed crowd was well over 200. This included Magic players, modelers (plastic not runway), Flames of War Tournament and general gaming.

IDF getting ready.

We ran a game from the Summer Special set in the southern Golan. Even though we wrote the article, it was fun testing out different ideas. After a lot of brewed up Syrian tanks the IDF came away with a minor victory. We also found that the 120mm mortars are good Katyushas are bad.

Syrians at the ready.

My gaming world also crossed over to vampires. That is my only guess as either a Pro-British vampire, or my dog Maya bit my latest box of German figures from Peter Pig. I am certain it had to be the vampires though.

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