Monday, August 19, 2013

Chain of Command

We are just a couple of days until the shipment of Chain of Command from the TOOFATLardies. With the speed of the Internet I will receive the iPad version on Wednesday and the snail mail version early the next week.

It has me hurrying to get the figures ready. I ended up with Germans to complement Mark’s British 30th Corps for Highway to Hell, trying to complete two game projects with one set of figures. And a couple of tanks that I just had to have.

My base platoon is German late war infantry that is waiting on their medics, radio and MG42s. They do have support weapons including a mortar, 76.2 Crash Booms and Stug IIIG.

I can claim the Hetzer as an anti tank asset that could also be used if the Israelis would have purchased them over the used Shermans in 1949. The Stugs and Crash Booms by the Arabs.

The Brummbär and Elefant I had to have because they are cool. I now have to figure out how to use the Brummbär.

Other teams I am looking forward to building;

•    Volkssturm – Not a lot of use for support weapons here
•    Alexandroni Brigade 1948 – Looking to use them for the battles around Latrun

So Mark, all we need is the rules and the time to read them and we are set.

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