Sunday, August 4, 2013

Doctor Who

I am heart broken that I was not on the stage today for the announcement that I was the next Doctor Who. I mean I know the time line as well as plot points and the history (both past history and future history). And what does Peter Capaldi have that I don’t. Well he has an awesome chin, and he is tall and thin, but other than that what does he have.

I even have a 28mm model phone box. Would love to get one in 15mm as well as Cybermen, Sontarans and Daleks. With that said why am I waxing about Doctor Who on my Lebanon 1982 page. Well the Doctor had to be in the Middle East on a number of occasions.

Noah’s Ark – (Source Genesis chapters 6–9) While it is a point of faith, how could one man build an ark to transport all of the world’s animals. Now the Doctor and the Tardus could do it.

Think of the Prophets that headed to heaven, once again it was The Doctor no need for aliens here.

Lastly I await The Doctor, for if anyone can bring peace to the Middle East it will be him.  Now is Peter Capaldi up to the task?

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