Wednesday, August 28, 2013

iPad for Photographers

Ok this has nothing to do with models and wargaming and everything to do with being a geek. Or is it nerd. Here is a podcast you will want to listen to to help improve your MacOS photography…

I often listen to podcasts while traveling. It does not matter if it is by car, train or plane (never listened to one on a ship, yet). My podcasts are a lot like me, eclectic and scattered covering technology, history, politics, language and business studies. Often they are just background noise and sometime there is a gem in the mix. Today I found one of these gems.

On the Macworld Podcast, Christopher Breen (@BodyofBreen) interviewed Jeff Carlson writer and photographer.  Jeff has covered such topics as the iPad, Macs and Mac OS X, photography, video editing, Web design, and (the now historic) Palm devices. Today the discussion dealt with iPad for photographers.

While I enjoy photography, I am not a professional photographer but I am always willing to pick up a few tips. And this podcast was full of great tips. If you are interested in iPhone and iPad photography this is a podcast you will want to listen to. We all like to take pictures at the spare of the moment. My iPad and iPhone are always with me. So if you want to take pictures for Facebook, Twitter of I’ve Been There take the time to look over these links and the podcast.

The iPad for Photographers: Master the Newest Tool in Your Camera Bag
Appropriately available as an E- book

Jeff Carlson Blog
iPad for Photographers
Jeff Carlson’s Library

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