Friday, August 2, 2013

A Bug is Going Around

There has been a bug going around and if you are not careful you may catch it.  It started this past June with the release of TOOFATLardies Summer Special. It included a scenario for the 30th Corps advance on the first day of Operation Market Garden.

The first person affected was Mark. He was bent on building the 30th Corps tank for tank. As the trusted friend I have the honor of building the German forces opposite 30th Corps and all of their artillery. A platoon is cut down to a squad very quickly.
So the medication became the gateway drug for Richard’s Chain of Command. (Which is on sale as a pre order here.) Therefore I ended up with Brummbär and a Hetzer.

So here are the models waiting for the paintbrush. Now three of these toys can be useful for Arab Israeli Wars. Any ideas?


  1. Did you get enough of each to paint some for WWII and the rest for the Middle East? Are those FT17s to the top left and right?