Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Why do we Blog?

At a recent business meeting, the question came up, “Why is it important to blog?” What made this discussion funny, and sad was it was a major company involved in the hotel and hospitality business talking to a social media company about marketing services.

After I wiped my smirk off of my face I rattled off close to a dozen different reasons why it is important for a business to blog and their corresponding types of blogs out there.

Now if you are reading this here you must be either is interested in blogs about miniatures, history and gaming or your search engine took a really bad turn. If you are in the latter this may be of interest. If you are in the former category this will be of interest (I hope).

Topic Blogs.
Lebanon 1982 is a topic blog. I let the readers know in the introduction what it is and what it is not. Many of us have topical blogs that are showing off our gaming clubs and our over burdened work and painting benches. I also head down avenues

Sales and Sales Support Blogs.
These are the blogs that every business needs for customer support. The only thing that changes from business to business is what they are trying to do. A miniature company can show off new releases months before they are ready for release. Companies that primarily design rules and offer examples and support for their products.

Clubs needs a blog were members are able to collaborate (called a Collaborative blog) to show off their club games, conventions and projects. If the club members support the blog, it is an excellent tool for adding to the membership.

Blogs also allow small groups to tap into the interests of our international community of gamers. If you do not have a blog remember to help support your friends with blogs.

Hope this was of interest.


  1. I totally agree, My blog is about my interests in wargaming and what I've painted, if people like it then they'll follow me, its no loss if they don't. I've had lots of comments from people who enjoy my blog and are inspired by it, that's what it's all about... I think!!

  2. I'm with Ray on this... I use my blog to follow my whims and I suppose it's also an attention seeker 'look what I'm doing' or 'this is my idea on whatever'. It's actually for my benefit mainly, but if someone out there is attracted great, even better if they want to offer some advice/opinions or just 'neat idea there'. I'd rather have one person following who regularly comments or carries on some form of discourse, than hundreds of followers... which when they don't comment at all is a touch creepy.