Thursday, January 13, 2011

January Sale Starts Now! - TOOFATLardies

January seems to be a month for sales. Here is one from TOOFATLardies.

This came straight from Richard.

Right chaps, great news. For the next ten days we are running our official "How the Hell am I going to pay for this ECW Army I won on EBay" January Sale. A MONSTER £1.50 off everything in the Lardy catalogue which on some products is a whopping 38% discount. This sale runs from now until Sunday the 23rd of January, so fill your boots.

FYI I do not post any specials for payment. These just come from companies that I purchase from and want others to know about.


  1. Time to get my copy of Charlie Don't Surf...

  2. I was looking at a couple of the IABSM books.

  3. While you are shopping, check out the AWI Books as well. :)

  4. Awe Chris...not another period...ok I ll look.

  5. Did you notice that Lard Island is actually Tracy Island from "The Thunderbirds"?