Saturday, January 15, 2011

Latest Additions to the Eqyptian Forces

As you can see from my project list a new order came in from Scale Creep. Most the equipment is for the Egyptians radar stations for Operation Raviv.

Also included were an SA-6 and a ZPU-4. Should act as some insurance from the IDF/AF.

My favorite additions are a T-10M and an ISU-152. These are two of my favorite tanks/assault guns of all time. One is a plausible addition to the Egyptian forces and the second will be part of the defenses on the Suez.

I will be painting the T-10M in a single color of desert tan similar to the IS-2. I am not sure how I will paint the ISU-152. While I have seen images, like the one below, in three colors, I have not decided between three color pattern or a single color like the IS-2.

Currently I am getting into a hole with more figures received than painted. Hope to correct this latter this month.

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