Monday, January 3, 2011

Operation Raviv IDF Troops

There is no official history for the IDF forces used in this operation. I came to this knowing I would have to be flexible.  Each BTR-50 would carry twenty men, so we start with a force of sixty men.

I assumed that Lieutenant Colonel Baruch "Pinko" Harel will be in one of the tanks and Major Shlomo Baum will be in one of the BTR-50s. The command staff will be broken across the three BTR-50.

Also there needs to be engineers attached as well. This will be an additional six troops.

So I end up with the following:

Company HQ
Major Shlomo Baum, radioman, four troops

Engineer Section
Captain and five engineers

Six Infantry Sections
Lieutenant and seven troops (one armed with a M20 "Super Bazooka")

If anyone has a more official source, please contact me. I think this is a great starting point for Charlie Don't Surf.

Now back to basing the IDF troops with their Uzis.

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