Thursday, October 7, 2010

M109 AL

This model (I can not call it a miniature) looks like a house. And as usual Mark did a great job of painting it up. Please Click to see his work.

This house has an armor rating of 0/0 in Rock the Casbah. What gives? Well it is a big box (like a Walmart) with a hull of 1.25" rolled aluminum armor. What gives? Well a M113 has between .47" and 1.5" of similar armor. And as it has a ratting of 0/0 without the TOGA armor I guess I can live with the ratting. I just don't know what Mark is going to say. I may need to put this on my short list to get from PicoArmor.

All images on this post are from Mark's blog.


  1. Let's just agree to call it "movable terrain".

  2. Movable Terrain it is. I cannot wait to see it fire on a building.

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