Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Charlie Don't Surf for Lebanon

Honest, I only bought these rules to read up on the section dealing with victory conditions but I have to say these will now be the basis for all of my Lebanon 1982 games.

This rule set is from my friends at TooFatLardies and once again Richard out did himself. You can see that they are built on I Ain't Been Shot Mum! and Troops, Weapons & Tactics. Yet the rules are more than a modern (Vietnam War) version of its World War II brethren.

The use of helicopters, amphibious vehicles (more on this latter) and non-standard victory conditions lend themselves well to Lebanon. And before someone points out that there is very little jungle in Lebanon, the refugee camps and the urban environment lend itself well to the rules dealing with hidden movement.

Lastly you have to take a look at a rule set that not only allows the press to be present but also requires a die roll to see if the press is an attached to a unit or battlefield. I also like the fact that an inadvertent death of a report can affect the victory conditions of a battle in a decisive (as reported in the media) way.

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