Thursday, October 28, 2010

It is even less safe now.

While it appears it will be difficult (or very expensive) to find or build a SA-2 there are still a great deal of assets that Syria and its proxies can use. Some of which I already have (or could get). 

From QRF is the ZU23-2 a towed twin 23mm anti-aircraft gun. This piece of firepower has been around since the early 1960s and is still in production.
Peter Pig has the ZPU-1 with is a 14.5mm machine gun that is still seen in Middle East conflicts today.

The ZPU-4 (also by Peter Pig) is a four barrel version with 14.5mm machine guns. With an effective altitude of over 4,500 feet both of these guns can cause havoc on low flying aircraft and helicopters (not to mention troops and buildings).

What troops want to be without some protection. Not everyone has an air force like the IAF. For those troops traveling light there is always the SA-7.  Here is the SA-7 by QRF. Used since the War of Attrition while not always lethal it is effective at protecting targets by reducing  the pilot's accuracy.


  1. I wouldn't worry too much about the SA2 as it wasn't deployed too far forward and was a strategic asset. SA-6 is about the heaviest forward troops had, along with the SA-9 for low level use. A ZSU-23-4 would be a good addition to your forces too.

    With what you have, Mark's pilots should have a fair bit to keep them occupied!

  2. I actually want the SA2 for something else.

  3. I was hoping for some 15mm SA2s for a 'west bank of the Suez canal SAM hunt' scenario for my 1973 project.
    Great blog by the way, Jon. I've enjoyed following it.

  4. Thank you ndcblog. I was thinking a little earlier, like 1969.

  5. ndcblog - maybe if we get enough interest maybe QRF or Quality Castings would do one up.

    I can hope. :)