Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Review - The War For Lebanon 1970-1985

It took me longer than I wanted to, but I have finished The War For Lebanon 1970-1985 by Itamar Rabinovich. I hope this will be a reoccurring part of my blog as I go though my library of books on this period. If you have any thoughts or requests, please let me know.

This book is an excellent source for the political side of the conflicts that have had effects on Lebanon from the mandate period to the present. While my interest with “Operation Peace for Galilee” is a very small part of this time period, the background materials were of considerable use. Most political factions and the major players positions and plans are reported on in great detail.

The conflicts and the changing sides require the reader to have a chart of the members of the different teams. The initial maps are useful but additional maps would have been helpful showing the changes in militia/political control in Lebanon.

Rabinovich’s work is scholarly and a very slow read. If you are interested in the Middle East in the latter 20th century you should give it a read.

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